Alexandrian War, African War, Spanish War by Caesar, A. G. Way

By Caesar, A. G. Way

during this quantity are 3 works in regards to the campaigns engaged in via the good Roman statesman Julius Caesar (100–44 BCE), yet now not written through him. The Alexandrian War, which bargains with problems somewhere else additionally, could have been written through Aulus Hirtius (ca. 90–43 BC, buddy and army subordinate of Caesar), who's normally considered as the writer of the final booklet of Caesar's Gallic War. The African War and The Spanish War are particular debts in actual fact by means of officials who had shared within the campaigns. All 3 works are vital assets of our wisdom of Caesar's career.

The Loeb Classical Library variation of Caesar is in 3 volumes.

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If night had not put an end to the action, Caesar would have become master of the entire enemy fleet. This catastrophe utterly demoralised the enemy, and day ; : after the tenth ; ; ; 25 CAESAR leniter flante navis onerarias Caesar remulco victri12 cibus suis navibus Alexandream deducit. Ko detriniento adeo sunt fracti Alexandrini, cum iam non vii-tute propugnatorum, sed scientia classiariorum se victos viderent, ut vix ex aedificiis defendi posse se confiderent, quibus et superioribus locis sublevabantur,^ et materiam cunctam obicerent, quod nostrae classis oppugnationem etiam ad terram verebantur.

2 ut mihi ^ essent venas habere. Quod are divided between iuberent at mihi si Madvig. esse Nipperdey. MSS. MSS. : : si alia esset and iuberet. ; THE ALEXANDRIAN WAR had previously been accustomed to and they were openly discussing the matter amongst themselves and, by tasting samples, learning how markedly the waters differed. However, in a short space of time the water nearer the contamination was entirely undrinkable, while that lower down was found to be relatively impure and brackish. This circumstance dispelled their doubts, and so great was the panic that took hold upon them that it seemed that they were all reduced to a most hazardous plight, and some asserted that Caesar was being slow in giving orders to embark.

Perfectis enim magna ex parte munitionibus in oppido et insulam et urbem uno tempore temptari posse confidebat. Quo capto consilio que cohortis X et levis armaturae electos, quosque idoneos ex equitibus Gallis arbitrabatur, in navigia minora scaphasque imponit manus causa distinendae ditur, praemiis cepisset. ; alteram insulae partem constratis navibus aggre- magnis propositis qui primus insulam Ac primo impetum nostrorum pariter uno enim tempore et ex tectis aedificiorum propugnabant et litora armati defendebant, quo propter asperitatem loci non facilis nostris adit us dabatur, et scaphis navibusque longis quinque mobiliter et scienter angustias loci tuebantur.

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