Ajax in action by Dave Crane

By Dave Crane

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internet clients have become bored with the conventional internet adventure. They get pissed off wasting their scroll place; they get pissed off expecting refresh; they fight to reorient themselves on each new web page. And the record is going on. With asynchronous JavaScript and XML, referred to as "Ajax," you could supply them a greater adventure. as soon as clients have skilled an Ajax interface, they hate to return. Ajax is new state of mind which could lead to a flowing and intuitive interplay with the consumer.

Ajax in Action is helping you enforce that thinking--it explains easy methods to distribute the appliance among the customer and the server (hint: use a "nested MVC" layout) whereas protecting the integrity of the approach. you are going to the best way to verify your app is versatile and maintainable, and the way solid, established layout might help stay away from difficulties like browser incompatibilities. alongside how it is helping you unlearn many aged coding conduct. chiefly, it opens your brain to the various benefits received via putting a lot of the processing within the browser. while you are an online developer who has past adventure with net applied sciences, this ebook is for you.

buy of the print booklet comes with a suggestion of a unfastened PDF, ePub, and Kindle publication from Manning. additionally on hand is all code from the e-book.

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The boilerplate, the navigation lists, and other features of the page layout are all there already, so the server needs to send back only the relevant data. The Ajax application might do this in a number of ways, such as returning a fragment of JavaScript, a stream of plain text, or a small XML document. 13 Breakdown of the content delivered (A) to a classic web application and (B) to an Ajax application. As the application continues to be used, cumulative traffic (C) increases. The four defining principles of Ajax 21 look at the pros and cons of each in detail in chapter 5.

Very few actors are involved here, as the program logic and the data model are both stored in local memory and can see each other directly. Why Ajax rich clients? 7 Sequence diagram of a remote procedure call. The program logic on one machine attempts to manipulate a data model on another machine. These interactions are complex but amenable to automation. NET Framework offer this functionality for free. Nonetheless, internally a lot of activity is going on when a remote procedure call (RPC) is made, and if such calls are made too freely, performance will suffer.

All the state of the user’s “conversation” with the application is held on the web server. The user sees a succession of pages, none of which can advance the broader conversation without going back to the server. now. 12 illustrates. When the user logs in, a more complex document is delivered to the browser, a large proportion of which is JavaScript code. This document will stay with the user throughout the session, although it will probably alter its appearance considerably while the user is interacting with it.

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