After Abuse by Gita Mammen

By Gita Mammen

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Each type of work will need appropriate safety measures to be in place. Preferred strategies and realistic options The next step is to determine your client’s preferred strategies. For instance, one person might say they would like to enter a talk-process, another might seek ways to relieve their symptoms of anxiety or depression, yet another might wish to work on behaviour change. Such a discussion might not be easy for the survivor. They may not know what will suit. They want you to tell them what is required.

Stay within these parameters. Risk behaviours For some survivors of abuse, suicidal thinking might not be the main type of risk. Some self-harm physically, others put themselves into harmful emotional situations. For others, risk situations might involve substance-use or sexual risk. Ask your client to describe how they think they put themselves at risk. Get details of these behaviours. Dissociation Risk from dissociation is not uncommon for survivors. Dissociation is a term that is used with quite different meanings by various people.

Margaret’s’ initial request for abuse-specific help was triggered by anxiety and panic. Following the assessment and feedback, she remained in onceweekly sessions for a few months. She then began to reduce the frequency of sessions, stating unavoidable work and holiday commitments although still maintaining that the previous frequency was her preferred one. Margaret regarded these life events as impeding therapy. My suggestion that perhaps her emotionally optimal pace was slower than one she intellectually allowed for, was not acceptable to her.

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