AdvancED DOM scripting : dynamic web design techniques by Jeffrey Sambells

By Jeffrey Sambells

DOM Scripting is an important process for internet builders and architects to profit and grasp that allows you to upload such dynamic net functions as animations, maps, drag and drop, and extra. This e-book bargains accomplished assurance of complex DOM Scripting innovations and reads like a want checklist of should have dynamic internet program positive factors, together with visible results utilizing JavaScript libraries, Ajax, Mashups utilizing APIs, and lots more and plenty extra. It follows within the footsteps of

Jeremy Keith's acclaimed ebook, DOM Scripting (friends of ED: 1590595335, 2005), assisting you grasp the following point with numerous genuine international tutorials.

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'; By using quotes and concatenation, the resulting string has no white space between the tags. Optional semicolons and parentheses It’s not necessary for you to include a semicolon (;) to conclude a statement or a line. ' only in the event that a is equal to b but will always alert 'false? ' regardless of the conditional operator. These interpretations can sometimes become confusing to read for both beginning and experienced developers, especially if they’re intermingled with different markup such as HTML.

Method, quite often. The problem with using getElementById() is that it retrieves everything based on id and all the ids in a document must be unique. So what do you do when you want to retrieve a group of common items? You can get a list of like tags using getElementsByTagName(), but that won’t work for unlike tags. all) ? com) and is one of many variations on the same idea. I’ve reworked their code to be more verbose, so you can understand what’s going on. $() lookup mentioned earlier for the DOM object reference and reversed the order of their arguments so that the class name is first rather than last, because Firefox 3 will be introducing a core getElementsByClassName() method that takes the class as the first argument (matching that will mean fewer code changes if you want to switch to the internal method in the future).

Over the years, the people who’ve been using JavaScript have written some handy little functions that we’ve all come to enjoy. Though not part of the official JavaScript language, using these tried and tested functions will make your code cleaner, more readable, and easier to understand when others need to debug or pick up where you left off. If you search the web for “Top 10 JavaScript”, you’ll get a list of commonly used functions that most developers can’t live without. 19 CHAPTER 1 Libraries are also another hot topic of debate.

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