A pocketbook manual of hand and upper extremity anatomy : by Fraser J. Leversedge MD, Martin I. Boyer MD FRCS(C),

By Fraser J. Leversedge MD, Martin I. Boyer MD FRCS(C), Charles A. Goldfarb MD

Pocketbook of Hand and higher Extremity Anatomy: Primus Manus beneficial properties exquisitely precise full-color photos of dissections and line drawings of all significant anatomic entities. The written descriptions of anatomy are in bulleted structure to permit easy access to the cloth. The booklet additionally describes scientific correlations for significant ailments and contains quite a few mnemonic devices.

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Radial deviation: (approximately 20°) proximal row flexes relative to the forearm/ distal row (scaphoid flexion, lunate flexion, and “hamate-high” position). • Force distribution: approximately 80% of forces are transmitted through the distal radius (60% scaphoid facet/40% lunate facet)/20% distal ulna with axial loading through the neutral wrist. • Wrist flexion: (approximately 80°) 60% midcarpal/40% radiocarpal motion • Wrist extension: (approximately 70°) 33% midcarpal 66% radiocarpal motion RECOMMENDED READING Bednar MS, Arnoczky SP, Weiland AJ.

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