A Concise Encyclopedia of the Baha'i Faith (Concise by Peter Smith

By Peter Smith

This entire and succinct encyclopedia strains the origins and improvement of the BahNB'! religion from nineteenth-century Iran to the trendy day, overlaying its important figures and significant ancient occasions.

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In 1852 he was associated with Azii - an older Bbbi cleric of considerable repute, who had become the leader of the militant faction of the Bibis - and sought to ferment an uprising in Tikur, seemingly to coincide with the attempt on the life of the shah (BKG 90-1). After this he fled in disguise, later joining Bahi'u'llih in Baghdad, where he maintained a semisecret existence, secluding himself from most of the Bbbis. In 1856 he ordered the killing of DAYYAN, perhaps the most important of those claiming leadership of the fragmented Bbbi remnant.

174652; SAQ 245-7. (1963); responsibility for the work of the Boards has been transferred to the Augur, George (1853-1927) more recently formed CONTINENTAL and Ruth (d. 1936) OF COUNSELLORS (1968); the BOARDS Board members are empowered to Prominent early Hawaiian Bahi'is, who appoint ASSISTANTS to help them in their converted around 1906. George was the work (1973); five-year (reappointable) first Bahb'i to live in Japan (1914-19), terms of service to the Boards have been where he was later joined by his wife and set (from November 1986); and the total by Agnes ALEXANDER.

1783-1849) ASDAQ,'zealous advocate' of the Chief minister of MU~IAMMAD SHAH, Covenant. 1835-48. He dominated his master, in part through his role as his religious guide. He became greatly opposed to the BAB, presumably seeing him as a potential threat to his own position, and successfully endeavoured to ensure that he was never received by the shah. After the death of MAN~JCHIHR KHAN, Aqisi had the Bib imprisoned in MAKU, a village under his influence. He later had him transferred to CHIHR~Q and arranged for him to be tried in Tabriz in 1848.

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