A Companion to the Latin Language by James Clackson

By James Clackson

A spouse to the Latin Language provides a suite of unique essays from foreign students that song the advance and use of the Latin language from its origins to its modern-day usage.

  • Brings jointly contributions from the world over well known classicists, linguists and Latin language specialists
  • Offers, in one quantity, a close account of alternative literary registers of the Latin language
  • Explores the social and political contexts of Latin
  • Includes new money owed of the Latin language in mild of recent linguistic theory
  • Supplemented with illustrations overlaying the advance of the Latin alphabet
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Sample text

20 Scholars who favor a Greek origin for the Latin alphabet counter that B, D and O were “dead” letters in Etruscan, that is to say, were never used to spell sounds in inscriptions. It must be remembered, however, that these letters remained in Etruscan abecedaria for over a hundred years after the alphabet was adopted. 1). Latin speakers learned an unabridged alphabet of this type, one having the full complement of letters. A clever and innovative scribe resurrected the “dead” letters B, D and O in order to represent sounds in Latin that were not found in the Etruscan phonological system.

Greti Dinkova-Bruun discusses Medieval Latin, offering sample texts to illustrate the changes in orthography, grammar, vocabulary and style of Latin texts in the period between the end of antiquity and the Renaissance. David Butterfield looks at the language from the Renaissance to the present, showing the repeated attempts by writers to get closer to Classical models, and detailing the link between teaching Classics and writing Latin prose and verse in the last two centuries. Part IV of the companion is devoted to presentations of the idioms and styles characteristic of a range of specific Latin literary registers.

R may have been written with an oblique tail, at first perhaps a very short one ( → → ), in order to increase its formal distance from P. 49 Distinctive variants of letterforms developed during the Old Latin period. 50 The letter A also developed some striking forms. , . g. g. In the hands of some stonemasons it is nearly horizontal. 9 Graffito from Pompeii. Drawing by Brigette McKenna. Reproduced by permission of Rex E. Wallace, University of Massachusetts Amherst. 54 This script was most suitable for literary papyri.

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