501 Sentence Completion Questions by LearningExpress Editors

By LearningExpress Editors

The sentence crowning glory part on standardized exams, particularly the SAT 1 examination, is usually mentioned as a hassle part for even the simplest test-takers. Examinees get test-targeted vocabulary perform inquiries to rating greater with LearningExpress' sequence, ability Builder in concentration. This really expert drill ebook presents the targeted perform helpful for test-taking good fortune. Plus, all solutions are defined, utilizing phrases that make clear context, major rules, issues, and important considering talents for powerful learning and confident reinforcement. nearly each standardized try in vocabulary, together with civil carrier checks, includes analyzing comprehension questions. every one perform comprises 50 questions, and solution motives keep on with every one part.

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Exigency e. analogy 112. Sometimes late at night Sharon would gaze joyfully at her children as they slept and ______ in their innocence. a. sneer b. ostracize c. revel d. repudiate e. antiquate 113. In the famous balcony scene, Romeo ______ Juliet’s beauty in one of the most romantic soliloquies ever written. a. sanctions b. extols c. peruses d. beguiles e. fetters 114. It was ______ to think that it could possibly snow in the middle of the desert. a. advantageous b. philosophical c. eroding d.

111. b. ) is a natural attraction or liking; a feeling of kinship, connection or closeness, similarity; relationship by marriage. 112. c. ) is to take great pleasure or delight. 113. b. ) means to praise highly, exalt, glorify. 44 501 Sentence Completion Questions 114. e. ) means contrary to common sense or utterly absurd. 115. b. ) means to gather or collect slowly; to learn or discover bit by bit. 116. a. ) is something that ties or binds up, such as a bandage, wire, or cord. 117. a. ) means having masculine strength; vigorous or energetic.

98. b. ) means icy or extremely cold; possessing a cold or unfriendly manner. 99. a. ) is talkativeness; the state of continual talking. 100. e. ) means the highest point of anything; the apex or summit. 35 Chapter 5 101. Amie agrees with the ______ that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. a. perpetuity b. penchant c. maxim d. conformation e. fortitude 102. Victor Frankenstein’s creature was a(n) ______, detested by everyone he met. a. itinerant b. anathema c. cosmopolitan d.

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