365 Steps to Self-Confidence: A Program for Personal by David Lawrence Prestor

By David Lawrence Prestor

Self assurance is important to a contented and pleasant lifestyles. And but many folks lack self belief and self-belief. hence, we're much less adventurous and not more more likely to get the main out of existence. This booklet: Is a gently established programme that can assist you develop into extra convinced delivers instruments and methods that have labored for thousands of individuals all over the world

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11 “ W H O D O YO U I M AG I N E YO U R S E L F TO B E ? When willpower conflicts with the imagination, imagination prevails. Always. David Lawrence Preston The perfect shot ” Many top sportsmen and women use creative imagery and mental rehearsal as an integral part of their mental toughness training. They know that when positive images are impressed firmly on the subconscious they’re more likely to perform at their best. They spend many hours ‘seeing’ themselves hitting the perfect shot, throwing the javelin or discus further, crossing the winning line ahead of the competition, scoring goals and so on.

51 365 67 ST E P S TO S E L F - CO N F I D E N C E Writing down your affirmations reinforces them in the subconscious. ■ Copy them out every day in CAPITAL LETTERS (this makes a greater impact on the subconscious). ■ Jot them down in your diary and cheque book as a reminder. ■ Write them on sticky labels and post them in prominent places around your home and in your car. ■ Write them on small cards to carry with you and read throughout the day. ■ Pin them to your Wall of Confidence. 68 Say your affirmations as if you really mean them.

Do this daily for the next seven days – the more often the better. It will seem strange at first – but do it anyway. It’s a powerful exercise in mindfulness. 43 365 ST E P S TO S E L F - CO N F I D E N C E 53 For the next seven days stop what you’re doing for five minutes a day, be quiet and still, and listen in on your thoughts. Don’t try to interrupt: just let the thoughts come and go of their own accord, as if they’re happening to someone else. You probably won’t find this easy at first. The untrained, unsettled mind has a tendency to flit from one thing to another, and even 60 seconds’ conscious attention seems like an eternity when you’re not used to it.

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