2012 and Beyond: An Invitation to Meet the Challenges and by Diana Cooper

By Diana Cooper

The yr 2012 is predicted to be auspicious based on old prophecies, relatively from the point of view of religious development, and this handbook puts those forecasts and the vaunted finish of the realm into perspective with interpretations from angelic geographical regions. With info on what will occur on a continent-by-continent foundation, readers will know about the impact at the 2012 Olympics, the outlet of cosmic portals, how person lives in addition to groups could be altered within the time following this momentous yr, and forecasts for the yr 2032—when the recent Golden Age of Atlantis is related to return into being. functional advice to help humans in getting ready for his or her function during this marvelous transformational shift is additionally incorporated.

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The Spiritual Stellar Gateway Chakra of Earth ~ The Stellar Gateway is in the Arctic, waiting to waken in 2012. This is where the Innuits live and for thousands of years have been containing the wisdom they brought from Golden Atlantis. The High Priest, Sett, brought his tribe from Atlantis to this part of the world. They had a shamanic heritage and were very connected with the element of water. They chose to move to the Arctic because it would be covered by ice for approximately 4,000 years before 2012, so that the 32 T he O lympic G ames I n 2 0 1 2 area would already be purified for them when the time was right.

To Pray Effectively ~ 1. Pray from your heart. 2. Ensure your intentions are pure. 3. Never tell God or the angels what you do not want or what you are suffering!!! If you do that you are asking for more of that which you do not want. 4. Tell God of your vision: “This is what I want to achieve. This is what I have already done. ” 5. Ask for the highest good to be done. If it really is for the highest good of all, the entire universe will rearrange itself to grant it. So detach from it being as you expect it to be or even from it happening at all.

Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. 2. Light a candle and dedicate it to your vision or to world service. 3. For a few minutes relax your body on the outbreath until you feel really comfortable. 4. Ask to connect to one of the crystal skulls and visualize a silver thread linking you to it. 5. Sense your third eye. You may see colours or feel a sensation or you may not be aware of it opening. 6. You may receive a flash of insight or a comfortable feeling of being connected to higher wisdom.

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